First Workshop on Actinide Target Development

April 27-29, 2006
Vancouver, British Columbia

ISAC ATD Symposium

A meeting to discuss issues specific to the development of actinide targets at TRIUMF's Isotope Separator and Accelerator (ISAC) was held on April 26, 2006, immediately preceding the First Workshop on Actinide Target Development. This symposium was open to workshop attendees and members of the TRIUMF community.


Wednesday, April 26



Welcome, Paul Schmor, Division Head, ISAC
"ISAC experiments needing actinide targets," John Behr Download (37 kB)
"Modular target construction at TRIUMF-ISAC," Guy Stanford Download (492 kB)
"Remote handling of RIB targets at ISAC," Clive Mark Download (39 kB)
Existing ISAC radiation safety systems, Anne Trudel
Target preparation at ISAC, Marik Dombsky
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